Client Testimonials

The Hybrid Management System is used around the world, from major multi-national companies to mom-and-pop businesses. The results have been field-tested over many years, in every conceivable setting. Read testimonials from recent customers below.

The Hybrid Management review process is profound in the way it cuts through matters to get to the heart of things. I have used it for years and it always guides employees and employers to the promised land of BOTH strengthened relationships and heightened productivity.

John Dietz, Chief Administrative Officer of the Miller Valentine Group in Dayton, Ohio


The Hybrid Management System is the result of impressive research and knowledge devoted to the subject of leadership. It is a highly useful source of information for leadership development.

Stanley Gault, Retired Chariman and CEO of Rubbermaid, Inc.


The wisdom of the Hybrid Management System can help to clarify your chosen purpose in life. A life without purpose is a life wasted.

Sir John M. Templeton, Founder of the Templeton Group of Mutual Funds


This course has changed my life. I use the tools at home as well as at work.

It's amazing I didn't know this before or knew it but didn't use it. Thanks, you guys. Thanks!

Manager, SportsMark, Inc.


I couldn't seem to let go of control. Then I saw my management team finalize the Hybrid Management process. Each participant presented to members of our Board of Directors their plans to build the bank's vision. I was choked with emotion and told them I am now ready to let go.

Pat Kilkenny, President, National Bank of the Redwoods, Santa Rosa, CA


In our business, people like having just the right tools to do a job. Then last year we were told our job was to increase Return on Net Assets. We didn't even know what tools were in existence to help lead people toward higher productivity. After the Hybrid Management process, our key manager said, "Now I have the tools I need to increase our profits."

Steve VanErt, Manager of Total Quality Calaveras Cement Company, Concord, CA


We went from $100 million in assets to $760 million during the 12 years we used the Hybrid Management System. This employee performance review method was instrumental in our winning the award for the fastest growing credit union for five years in a row.

Tom Sargent, CEO First Technology Credit Union, Portland, OR


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    2. The Hybrid Management Conflict Resolution System
    3. The Hybrid Management Goal-Setting System
    4. Guide to using the forms
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